Mini Web


Do you need a simple web? Adapt your company to the marketing trend with a personalized and self-managed Web page for your business.

Your Web ready in 5 days for 199 €

What steps do we take to produce your website?

  1. Evaluation of the information to be presented
  2. Upload and layout of content to the Web
  3. Customer review
  4. Final changes
  5. Transfer to the final server **

* The functional web design is converted based on the design approved in point 1, the programming will be done taking into account the tablet and mobile formats

** The server will be contracted by the client or, if applicable, by us, charging € 10 for management fees.

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Product Description


Development, until step 5, is done on our private servers. The payment method is 50% when hiring, 50% in step 4, prior to delivery to the client server.
If you do not have web hosting contracted, we can take care of the contract for you, the price is around € 70 a year + € 10 management fee and includes domain, hosting and email accounts.


  • 1 Web page desing in “One Page” layout
  • Content manager.
  • Upload of the contents provided (maximum 15 pages or products).
  • Transfer to the server.
  • Basic manual. After the first payment we only take 3 days since we recieve texts and photos to send you the first design proposals.


You don’t have a clear idea about the contents? Let us show you some basic guidelines on content that all Web should contain. You can submit all sections or a selection of these. When choosing, keep in mind what information you can give about your company, which can be accompanied by photos or videos of your own, and which sections need to be updated to maintain its appeal. Put yourself in the place of your client and think what is the most attractive content of your company for him.

  • Introduce yourself: Who we are / the company / the professional.
  • Tell them what you are selling: Products / Service Card / Tariff / Menu.
  • Convice them: Offers / Workshops / Courses / Previous offers.
  • Show your professionalism: Data necessary to request a quote / Case studies / FAQS & SAQs *.
  • Give Safety: Case Studies / Opinions / Team Profile.
  • Be friendly: Social networks / Blog / News / Press.
  • For A+: Collaborators / Clients / Downloads Zone / Dossier press.
  • Contact: Form / Map / Venues / Contact details.

If you need help with the compilation or creation of content, we can advise you.

* Should ask questions (Things you should ask yourself when buying what I sell)


The CONSULTING is usefull to solve or clarify points that are essential for the project, which because of time or ignorance you can not face individually, such as content creation or focus of the sections of the Web. The CONSULTING works as follows:

  1. Compilation of previous information on our part
  2. Presentation of information in person
  3. Execution of management tasks told at the meeting and telematic presentation of results.  *

CONSULTING is paid in cash either face-to-face or by transfer prior to the visit.

The price of the consultation is € 60 per meeting prior confirmation based on the points to be discussed, not exceeding the practical time (coffee and personal time comments are free).

* In no case implies a representation on our part against third parties.


To get to work with your project, we need at least the next information:

  • Document .doc format with the texts to be included in the web page, including all relevant legal texts.
  • Logo in PNG format in minimum size 500x500px.
  • Photographs of the company, services or similar that go with the texts.
  • Access data to the web hosting, if applicable.
  • E-mail addresses and contact details indicating in what email should the contact forms arrive.


Concept Price
15  extra pages / product uploaded 80 €
Design 4 extra sections 160 €
Banner or promotional content design 60 €
Writing of texts, for folio 80 €
Implementation of specific functionalities (management of reserves / micro payments / special forms etc.) from € 40 per functionality
Support for videos in your Web 40 €
Search of 16 photos 40 €*
Compilation of information from non-word formats (previous web or pdf presentations), every 5 pages 20 €
Web Hosting 80 € + annual renewal 70 € approx.
Design and sending email to database to promote the new Web 120 €**

* Limited to royalty-free photos. Professional gallery photos based on budget.
** To budget for databases greater than 1000 records.


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