Service conditions

Order reception

We understand recieved order the one that has been already paid. All information not received at least bedore 24 hours past the time of validation of the payment will be excluded from the project if not expressly stated otherwise by the contracting party when the order it is made.

For this purpose, you will find fields forobservations on the product page as well as on the order confirmation page.

You can send complementary information immediately after completing the payment by email indicating the reference number of your order.

Begining of the production

The production tasks will not begin until the payment of the project is verified. In payments by credit card this term is usually immediate.

In payments by transfer the term of reception will depend on the banking entities, not being valid a receipt of transfer to justify the payment.


The company relies on the know-how of the customer to make the order in an appropriate way, choosing the product and number of suitable units for the desired purpose.

In the event of any mismatch, the company will carry out a counter-budget of the project for consultation with the client.

If the client agrees, he will be enabled a payment button in his personal space to make the match.

In case of disagreement, the order will be withdrawn of the system and 100% of the amount received will be returned, discounting the fees derived from the collection management, which will be justified in any case by means of a thid party document accrediting the expense.

Request of modifications

The prices shown do not include changes to the design delivered unless stated otherwise.

Changes will be charged to the customer before they are issued. To do this, the project manager will enable a payment button in the ‘My account’ panel associated with a new order once these changes have been requested and evaluated.

It is considered a change each new opening of the file to make modifications. Changes are limited solely to changing typography, corporate colors or textual information, a new design being considered as a change in the layout of the layout or other that affect the integrity of the layout structure.

You might check the changes fee in the following table *

Producto Precio por cambio
Tarjeta 10 €
Flyer 10 €
Díptico 10 €
Tríptico 10 €
Vinilos y lonas 10 €
Logotipos 40 €
Rotulación de vehículos 25 €

*Distributor users will find their own fee in the corresponding section after accessing the system with their access data.

Project info

The production task will be carried based on the information provided by the customer.

In the case of creative projects, the price per design will be charged for each proposal requested. The company does not take care of the reception of materials plagiarized from other sites. It is the responsibility of the client to check compliance with intellectual property laws in relation to the materials he provides. In turn, in cases where the company provides materials for the content, it is the company that is responsible for using materials For which he has obtained the right of use on his part.


The ellaboration of contents is responsibility of the client. WOWCost will in any case limit itself to providing database or royalty-free images when it is considered appropriate to carry out the design task.

It is not included in the price of the design tasks the realization of exclusive illustrations key for a campaign or representation of mark.

The preparation of banners, texts and other content is not included in the price of programming and web configuration tasks.

Product delivery

The final product delivery will be made by a file transfer system like WeTransfer or similar. In the products of the category ‘Design’ we will deliver a file in Final Art format, depending on the type of design, it can be .pdf, .jpg,. Gif or similar.

In no case will the design be submitted in open formats for further modification. If you wish to receive an open design for further modification contact us directly to obtain a personalized quote. In the case of Web development products, the company will install the product on the server indicated by the client for that purpose. If the client has not given the MYSQL FTP and database access credentials at the time of the order, it will be delivered to a ZIP file through the aforementioned transfer means.

Changes, Returns and Warranties

Due to the nature of the products served, no change or refund is accepted. Only in the case of web development projects are guaranteed, in case of failure the company will review the and correct the code. If there was no error on the code and the code broke due to a misuse, the customer will be charged with a 150 € fee in concept of “repair”.