General Conditions


For the use of this web site it is necessary to accept the following terms and conditions. In case of non-acceptance of the same, it should be abandoned immediately and abstain from its use.
Throughout this text, the USER of the site is understood as anyone who interacts with the site in any way, access the information contained therein or use the services available through it.
It will be understood as the ADMINISTRATOR of the site all persons (physical or legal), organizations or companies that manage the operation of the portal, publish information on it, or operate or provide access to any service through it in an authorized manner.


The ownership of the website belongs to:
NoType Concept Manager S.L.
Address: C / Charaima 21, 28220 Majadahonda, MADRID
NIF – B86379674
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Means of services provided

The portal makes it possible to access information, images, news, videos and other elements contained or referenced by it. These conditions of use regulate only the use of the website by the USER and this person must verify the conditions of use of certain services in their own sections.
The administration of the portal does not guarantee the absence of errors in the access to the services offered in the same, nor that it is completely updated.
The administration of the portal reserves the right to modify, limit or cancel these conditions at any time, without prior notice, as well as any legal notice, directive, usage regulations, privacy policy, etc. Which it deems appropriate, respecting at all times the current legislation. The new conditions will apply from the moment they are accessible on the portal itself. It is recommended to periodically consult the Terms of Use to know at all times the terms applied.
The administration of the portal also reserves the right to make, at any time and without need of prior notice, modifications and updates on the information contained in the portal or in its configuration or presentation.

Exclusion of guarantees and responsibilities

The administration of the portal will not be responsible for the consequences of technical errors, editorial, typographic or similar that may contain the contents both own and contributed by third parties. Neither will it be responsible for the existence of non-updated data or the possible lack of availability or continuity of the operation of the portal.
Exclusion of liability for damages of any nature that may be caused by the contents and information existing on the web pages linked from the portal through hypertext links or links. In this sense, the administration of the portal is not responsible for:

The existence of contents that are illegal or that could damage property or rights of a third party subject to compensation. In case of knowledge, we will act with the due diligence to suppress or disable the corresponding link, as established by the spanish LSSICE.
The availability, accessibility and functioning or continuity of the linked sites.
The quality, legality, reliability, usefulness, truthfulness, validity, completeness and / or authenticity of the existing content in the linked sites.
The maintenance, provision or transmission of the existing contents in the linked sites.

The possible existence in third-party servers, linked through hyperlinks, of viruses or other elements that may cause alterations in the user’s computer system (hardware and software), or user’s documents, excluding any liability for damages of any kind that can be caused to the users for this reason.

Limitation of services

The administration of the portal reserves the right to limit the publication or to reasonably modify the contents of any type that the USERS send to it in order to be published on the portal or distributed through any mechanism.

Conditions and obligations of users

The simple access and use of the portal, as well as all or part of its contents and services, implies the acceptance, without reservation, of the present general conditions, for which it is attributed to all the people that access to that information or services the Condition of “USER”.
The USER agrees to use this website, its services, the contents offered and these Terms of Use in accordance with the law, morality, good customs and public order, in a diligent, correct and lawful manner.

The USER also undertakes not to publish, disclose, advertise or distribute any type of material or information that is illegal, obscene, abusive, defamatory, misleading, discriminatory in nature, or in any way contrary to morality or public order, as well as not to introduce any computer virus, defective files, or any other computer program or technological mechanism that can cause damages or alterations in the contents, programs or systems of the own web portal as well as other USERS who use it.
The USER is obliged to diligently guard and keep in secret the necessary elements for authentication in the services offered by the portal, including user identifiers, passwords, private keys, digital signatures or any other means. The USER will notify the administration of the portal, immediately and by any means facilitated, of any loss or unauthorized access by third parties to those elements, or of any situation that could lead to the impersonation of the USER by other people.
The USER undertakes not to falsify his identity by posing as a third person, or by entering data that does not correctly identify him as an individual, including the photograph that may eventually upload to the portal. In the event that it is established that a third party’s identity has been suppressed and it is estimated that it may lead to the commission of a crime, the administration of the portal may inform the competent police and judicial authorities and cooperate with them in a timely manner.
By making any contribution of content, the USER guarantees the legitimate ownership of the copyright or the ability to dispose of them and agrees to give to the administration of the portal the non-exclusive rights of reproduction, distribution and public communication on the contents contributed, as well as the modification to adapt them to the editorial needs.
The USER agrees not to use the services offered by the portal contents of any type, including texts, images, multimedia elements or any other type, whose intellectual property rights belong to third parties, without the corresponding authorization of this.
The USER is obliged to respect at all times the rights of third parties, so it is committed not to use the present portal to make insulting or slanderous comments or those that could result in attacks against honor, privacy or the image itself Of third persons.
The USER is obliged not to send publicity of any kind or to make communications with commercial or advertising purposes in the spaces enabled for the visitors to leave their comments. The administration of the portal reserves the right to suppress the comments that it considers that they breach this rule or any other.
Regardless of their purpose, the USER agrees not to use the services made available on the portal to make unsolicited mass and / or repetitive communications, especially the issuance of emails.
The USER acknowledges and accepts the right of the administration of the portal to cancel the accounts that have broke any of the obligations or terms that regulate the use of the same, without having the obligation to notify that end to the user infringing.
Although the administration of the portal will monitor the legality of the contents communicated through the portal within its possibilities, it is impossible the absolute control of those. The USERS shall be solely responsible for the information, opinions, allusions or contents of any kind that they communicate, host, make available or exhibit through the portal.
The administration of the portal, in particular, is not identified with any of the opinions that third parties may transmit through it, the consequences of which are made entirely responsible person. The administration of the portal does not assume any responsibility derived from the content contributed by USERS and USERS, nor from the contents of the links to third parties that may contain the portal.


USERS under age may use the web portal, as well as all its contents and services, provided they have the consent of their parent (s), guardian (s) or legal representative (s), Unless the service offered explicitly states otherwise. The administration of the portal understands that the minor has authorization from his / her parent (s), guardian (s) or legal representative (s) with the mere access to the portal by the minor or the minor.

Liability of use

The administration of the portal will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, of:
The quality of the service, the speed of access, the correct functioning or the availability or continuity of operation of the portal or the services offered therein.
The information entered by users, collaborators and third parties.
The damages that can be caused in the equipment of the users by the use of the portal.
Failure to comply with the law, morality and generally accepted good practices or public order as a consequence of the transmission, dissemination, storage, availability, reception, access or access to content that could be provided by other users of the portal.
Infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights, rights to honor, personal and family privacy and the image of persons (including photographs), property rights or any other nature belonging to a third person as a result of the transmission, dissemination, storage, provision, reception, obtaining or access to the contents.
The hypertext links that, through the portal, allow access to services and services offered by third parties, do not belong to and are not under the control of the administration of the portal, who will not be responsible nor the information contained therein Nor of any effects that may result from such information.
The errors and defects of all kinds of content transmitted, disseminated, stored or made available.
The administration of the portal reserves the right to remove any content contributed by USERS, either because it considers that it infringes their rights, against the rights of third parties, or for any other reason that they consider founded.
If you believe that your rights are being violated in any of the services offered by the portal, please contact the administration of the same through any of the mechanisms offered for this purpose.

Intellectual property

Both the web portal and its contents are protected by national and international laws of Intellectual and Industrial Property, so that, except for those elements where explicitly stated otherwise, reproduction, distribution, public communication, provision and transformation of the same and / or any of its elements, including, without limitation, texts, images, sounds, videos, multimedia elements, brands, graphics, logos, buttons, software files, combinations of colors, as well as the structure, selection, ordering and presentation of its contents, without prejudice to the rights that third parties may have over any of the elements thereof.
Reproduction, retransmission, copying, cession or broadcasting, in whole or in part, of the information contained in these pages, whatever their purpose and the means used for it, is prohibited, except those elements in which it is indicated explicitly and unambiguously.
The unauthorized use of the information contained in this portal, as well as the damages and losses caused in the intellectual and industrial property rights of the owners of them, may lead to the exercise of legal actions considered Timely and, where appropriate, to the responsibilities arising from such exercise.
If you believe that your intellectual, industrial or image rights are being violated in any of the services offered by the portal, please contact the administration of the same through any of the mechanisms offered for this purpose.
The contents used in the area ‘Inspirate’ as well as the examples that accompany each product page have been made throughout their career by professionals who currently work or collaborate with Notype Concept Manager S.L. And are used as a guiding example of the qualities used, and their use is not limited by contract in any case at the time of publication.
If you are the owner of any of the trademarks used and wish to have the content removed, please request it at the email address accompanying the relevant accreditation request to prove the ownership.

Data Protection

The data provided by USERS are subject to the Privacy Policy available on the website itself.
The unauthorized use of the information contained in this website or the data of users and their resale, as well as the infringement of intellectual property rights may lead to legal action by the administration of the portal or its notification to the appropriate authorities.

Use of cookies

It is understood as a cookie any fragment of information that is stored on the hard disk of the person visiting the portal through your browser, at the request of the server of the page. This information can then be retrieved by the server on subsequent visits.
The portal administration reserves the right to use cookies for any type of use of the website, to facilitate the user or navigator in the same and the most convenient access to the information contained. However, these people are informed of the possibility of discarding such use in their computer terminal.

Applicable legislation

The present conditions are written in Spanish, and are subject to the current Spanish legislation. For any type of controversy arising from the use of the services offered or the contents of the portal, the parties are subject to the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.